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How to Pick the Right Paint for Your Home

The right paint color can instantly transform a space from dull to brilliant. It can also help a room seem larger, brighter and more personalized. Picking the right paint color for your home and personality can be tricky, but here are some tips that will make it much easier.

Remember your furniture: When looking for paint, it is imperative to select a shade that coordinates with your furniture. You might like a certain color in theory, but you might dislike it when paired with your current furniture. The right paint color for your home should blend perfectly with your furniture, not clash with it. Using a color wheel will help you see which colors go well together. 

Set the Mood
You have the power to transform the feel of a room just by changing the paint color. If you want the room to have a calm, tranquil feel, choose light colors like pastel blue, mint green and light lavender. If you want the room to feel sophisticated, steer towards sassy neutrals like toffee brown, steel grey and classic beige. Those who want the room to feel bold and fun should try bright colors like yellow, green and red. 

Paint Finishes
Once you select the shade of your choice, you need to decide what paint finish to use. There are approximately five different finishes and each has a different outcome. Matte paint has no shine whatsoever and is ideal for a home’s interior because it camouflages imperfections in your walls. Another paint finish is known as flat enamel. This paint finish is very durable and can withstand humidity, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom or kitchen. 

The eggshell finish has a small hint of shimmer and is often used in bedrooms and living rooms. Satin gloss, like its name implies, resembles a piece of satin fabric. This type of finish in rarely used as interior paint, but some like it for doors or crown molding. Lastly, the shiniest paint finish is high-gloss, which is commonly used for doors, exteriors and cabinets. 

Painting Tools
To get the effect that you desire, you'll need to have the right tools. First, you will obviously need to have paint brushes, paint trays and rollers. You will also need to have a ladder or tall roller so you can paint high areas with ease. Painters tape is also crucial because it will create sharp paint lines.